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Awesome Movie List

Star Trek
The Fifth Element
Pulp Fiction
Princess Bride
Monty Python and the Holy Grail
The Hangover
Howl's Moving Castle
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
The Godfather
Star Wars
Lord of the Rings
My Big Fat Greek Wedding
The Proposal

This Book WIll Change Your Life

I am currently following the instructions of a book entitled This Book Will Change Your Life. Rachel started it a few days ago and I'm stealing the idea. I will be updating my lj with what I did that day and how it turned out. For the first day, you get some options and I happened to choose not one, but three of them.

1: Pick Your Prettiest Toe: It's my left big toe. It's quite lovely, really. Not too bulbous and looks great with the polish I have on it right now.

2: Come Up With a Nickname for Your Lady-Parts: I did. But I don't want to tell all of you. haha!

and 3: Insult an Insect: I went outside and told a wasp that he was a black and yellow, wing-ed asshole.

Tomorrow's task:

Gaze at everyone,wondering whether they may be the one true love of your life, the one destined for you and you alone, and whether you might be passing them by forever... Act in consequence.

This will be interesting, especially because it's Latino night and I'll be drunk. =)
Sometimes I am the queen of self-sabotage.

But, generally, I'm happy.

side note: Mythbusters are finally doing a new season and I'm ridiculously happy about that.

Apr. 8th, 2009

The only thing I hate about spring: allergies.


Like a bandit.

Ahhhh, bars on mom's weekend are HILARIOUS! I had a very good time last night. My lovely friends bought me drinks because I'm poooor. I hate not having money. But I really appreciated their generosity. When Rachel and I got home, we listened to 2gether like old times and sang far too loud for 4am. Oh, it was fun times. I'm going to miss her a lot when she leaves. =(

I'm thinking about taking a weekend off from everything and just going home, or maybe just going somewhere by myself. I feel like I need to get centered.

So now I'm just sitting in my livingroom, listening to music and thinking about getting cute for the rest of today. I do believe that's what I'll do. =)

I'm excited for Vegas, and I'm excited for the end of the semester, and I'm excited for warm weather, and I'm excited for sunshine, and I'm excited for text messages. I'm just excited!


I'M GOING TO VEGAS! On an almost all expenses paid vacation! I just have to cough up some dough for gambling and drinks! Why? Because Rachel's parents are awesome times awesome; that's awesome squared. Rachel and I will be going on May 20th and staying for three days and I'm so excited it's ridiculous! I just bought my first piece of my 'Vegas Wardrobe' and it's a super cute white flow-y skirt! Oh I'm so excited.


Oh so many things I'm excited aboutCollapse )

There you have it. I may make another OMG I'm so excited for Vegas post just like this later. We shall see!

Now it's time to get ready.

And annndd AND... Fast and the Furious 4 comes out tomorrow! YAY!


Finding a new place to live is hard. I don't like it. It makes me grumpy. But I did find a super cute 2 bedroom duplex for rent that looks pretty large and has a FIREPLACE! But that would entail me finding a roommate that's willing to pay $345 a month with me and apparently they don't exist.
Sam said her friend Molly is awesome and needs a roommate too but she hasn't text me back and I'm already getting antsy. I have to be out of my house in a little over a month and I have nowhere to go. Poo.

My palm has been itching for the past 3 days. Isn't that supposed to mean I'm going to get a bunch of money? Well bring it on! I'd love it.

I think I'm going to take a shower and so my hair and be all cute today. Sounds like a plan.

HIMYM marathon with Adam tomorrow? Maybe? I hope so. Or not.

To do's, and excitement!

Things I have to get done tonight:

Write a 500 word abstract to send to the Inqueery Symposium: [ ]
2 page WST paper: [ ]
Print out Connections paper (again) for ANTH 468: [ ]
Email Marian: [ ]
Online post for ENGL 324: [ ]

Things I'm looking forward to:

Tarig's birthday shenanigans tomorrow night: [ ]
Juli's party Saturday night: [ ]
(Possible) HIMYM Season 1 marathon with Adam (and maybe Rachel!?) on Sunday: [ ]

There's my life in a nutshell for you. Now to get to work! I took a four hour nap today because of a crazy bad headache. And I think I'll just finish all of my work tonight so I can sleep in tomorrow morning. =)

P.S. Fast and the Furious 4 come out in like 1 week! Mmmmm... Vin Diesel.

Just Gotta Get Through This

OK, so I didn't do hardly ANY catching up yesterday so I had to wake up early this morning. I still have yet to start on my three 2-2.5 page papers that are due at 10:30 today. I'm pretty sure I can pump those out, though. Wish me luck.

Now, the real thing that is bothering me right at this moment is the fact that it is snowing AGAIN outside. And it's sticking. I'm so fucking sick of snow. I would just like warm sunny days for quite some time. Ok? OK! Great now the snow's getting bigger.

Aaaanndd... I lost my planner and I feel totally unprepared for everything and I need to find it ASAP. Blarg.

BUT BUT BUT the light at the end of the tunnel today is that I will be making my lovely friends Duane and Adam a lovely dinner because they're manly men who changed my busted headlight. So that will be fun, but that is also more than 12 hours away, so I better stop wasting time and get cracking on these papers.


Catch up!

So, I get to play catch-up with all of my classes today. I was KIND of doing that yesterday but I did all of the easy stuff. So now I'm off to do a bunch of homework and go to my last class of the day! =)